WITS Dropper Bottling


WITS Health V1™ and WITS Sports V3™ liquid supplement concentrates may prove to be the penultimate health and sports recovery elixir!

Through an exclusive proprietary process, we’ve extracted properties from ancient Humate deposits to capture its essence, a rare naturally occurring composition of essential minerals and amino acids.

Already proven to expedite the healing process for full recovery through various Clinical Trials since 2002, these V1™ and V3™ are anticipated to become a critically essential primary intervention treatment tool to fill the vacuum and gap in every treatment protocol within health and sports medicine.

V1™ is a 'MUST HAVE' tool for every medical institution and practitioner, to support the foundation and goals of their critical services, which is to achieve nimble health recovery for all patients, surely a priority First Aid tool for every home!

Both V1™ and V3™ are produced at our Michigan USA contract production facility where it is dropper-bottled for bulk distribution to leading pharmacy chains w’wide.

Meantime, I am making available V1™ and V3™ dropper bottles to everyone via our E-Commerce in packs of 10, 5 bottles each. Available raws and the special proprietary extract process for the final ready product allows us to produce only a limited quota annually. Stock will be limited but global retail pricing is controlled.

For widest affordability, both V1™ and V3™ are priced w’wide at USD30 per dropper-bottle.

7 drops of either supplement when mixed into 500mL of water or juices, will yield 42 servings to cost only USD0.71 per drink… sheer value for only $30!!

HUMATE source
Fulvic Acid Extracts
As Medical Health Supplement
Composition,Usage and Benefits

Product Objective:
By converting acidic blood state into alkalized blood state within 30-45 mins, to arrest all presenting medical conditions in the body and with repeated routine consumption, to diminish disease/illness over 3-9 months and extinguish issues for full health recovery with zero-relapse within corrected habits, diet and nutritional supplementing.

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HUMATE source
Bentonite Clay Extracts
As Sports Health Supplement
Composition,Usage and Benefits

Product Objective:
While converting acidic blood state into alkalized blood state within 30-45 mins, V3™ simultaneously supplements your diet with very unique natural trace minerals, minerals and amino acids which will improve oxygen intake and absorption to induce enhance and boost personal performance in your sports, recreational activities and even heightens sexual enthusiasm.

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