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"there is healing for everyone
and everything is curable... only Believe!"

Non-medicinal Health Care - Spirit, Mind & Body

Gleaning from the fields of Theology, Psychology and Physiology, 14 years went into the eventual 2001-founding and clinical-practice of my WITS Healing protocol. This wholistic integrative treatment systems, goods and services brought efficient-healing, quick-recovery with zero-relapse to over 500 clients, patients and friends across Asia. I'm making this affordable and available to everyone online. I invite you to make the most of it now, whilst there is still time!

The WITS123 Healing Protocol:

A 3-step wholistic integrative treatment system,
for all peoples and ages.

Mr Sudheesh Bhasy, D.PSY
Founder & Resident Therapist
APA (Life) 6574


Project HAPI-ME (2008)


The founding purpose for my WITS Bottling business is to fund my Health Assistance Program Initiatives for Middle-East (Project HAPI-ME). 

This proposed SG-­registered charity NGO has its Middle-­East patrons and partners standing ready to assist my calling, ministry and mission for the MENA bloc over the next decade.

Over 2011-13, after 2 years of uphill planning, overcoming many hurdles and jumping many hoops, we were able to get Venue and Sponsorship for administrative assistance from Al Quds University (Bethlehem) to setup the very first psychotherapy clinic in West Bank, named SUNNA AL AMAL or “The Hope Community”. Their 2,000 sqf basement was converted into meeting and clinic rooms to hold practicum with public clientele, for undergraduates keen on volunteering to our goal of growing 30-40 trained, certified social/welfare-counselors and psychotherapists every year through a new full/part-time 4/6 year Psychology degree program.


We are now waiting to kick start my WITS Global Bottling business this 3q18 which will commit 70% of its post‐tax profit to Project HAPI­‐ME for providing MENA with an efficient sponsorship for health, welfare and charity support. We need to bring natural organic goods, wholistic integrative treatment services and financial‐relief to their extremely marginalized, handicapped and suffering… most urgently!


A much understood phrase but hardly volunteered… “Many hands make light work.”

I welcome your feedback and invite your commitment to support and assist our Team’s efforts, to usher in basic health and return dignity to as many in MENA as shall be served by Project HAPI‐ME. Join us! Email: fadwa@sunnaalamal.ps

My Founding Team

 1 Mr Sudheesh Bhasy, D.PSY - SINGAPORE - Health
 2 Ms Fadwa Abbad, MA.Sc - Bethlehem, WEST BANK - Welfare
 3 Ms Enas Utrkchy, MA.IT - Baghdad, IRAQ - Charity

Our Supporting Patrons

 4 Judge Sharabati - West Jerusalem, ISRAEL - Legal
 5 COL (Ret) Salleh - Bethlehem, WEST BANK - Penal
 6 Sheikh Ibrahim - East Jerusalem, ISRAEL - Social
 7 BG Dr (Ret) Ayashrah - Amman, JORDAN - Medical